Sil Suit

When we aren’t working on ISRU, and gardening, we dabble with other space-centric projects. Ground Sphere was one such project. In between grow beds and plant light research, we have been working on a DARPA project. A mechanical pressure suit. Or, at least part of one. As humans work to achieve life in space or on other planets, they will need better space suits. More of a body suit that has various oversuits that fit the job. Many people have tried to make a mechanical pressure suit. Ours is one such effort. 

In 2013, the SpaceGAMBIT group handed out a subcontract to Luna Desic  for them to design a partial pressure suit. Their effort didn’t succeed. In August of 2014, Luna Desic subcontracted to us to see if we could manage to produce a partial or mechanical pressure suit. We gave it our best shot, and have made a good start. While we can’t release all of the data due to Export Controls, we can share some of the information. Here is the Non-Export Controled report.


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