Issyroo Recipes

ISRU has left agriculture and cooking in a scientific limbo. While some people postulate that all supplies will come from Earth, or that future colonists on Mars will grow plants to feed insects for protein, food is important. Humans need to eat, and the more palatable it is, the better. We remember the issues with food during the early years of the space program. Recently, we’ve watched Chris Hadfield make a peanut butter and honey sandwich in space.

As we work on growth experiments, we are also working on cooking. What can we grow in a dome? Hydroponically? How can we cook what we have grown? What foods might be left out? What spices? How or what can we substitute?

These are valid questions. Having lived abroad and done without when it came to ‘favourite’ foods, we understand some of the challenges. As we work though these, our kitchen will become a center for experimentation. We plan to post recipes on this page.

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