Oh Where to Begin?

Life and good intentions often get in the way of each other. To be honest, we got run over by the proverbial Mega-Bus. The property we inherited needed more than just a wee clean-up. In fact, it’s still challenging us, although, as of April, it is paid off! Yes, we inherited a hefty debt as well.

We also had to become full time care givers for two years. Between that, needing a health income and then the pandemic, much of life got put on hold. This website was one of them. While it slowed us down, it didn’t stop us.

The garden work… Oh what a challenge. I’ve worn out more helpers than I can think of. I’m not sure which bothers them more; the state of the yard, or that the old lady (me) works just as hard as they do, and often for longer. 🙂 In this post and probably a few to follow, I will post pictures.

In the six years that we’ve had the property, we cleared the yards of trash only to have the roof blow off, and have to start all over. We had to remove an 80+ year old tree, and at present, we’re in the process of removing a cement stairwell that is pulling off the house. We’ve revamped beds, divided the yard to accommodate two dogs, added beds outside of the normal boundaries, and worked constantly to repair/refresh/rewild other parts of the garden. It’s been a challenge.

Some of what I’ve learned shouldn’t be a surprise to any gardener. But…

  • Compost will dessicate
  • There is never too much compost
  • There are always Volunteer Plants-usually Pumpkins!
  • Squash will take over everything
  • Weeding is never done
  • Tools will break at the most awkward time

Now for some pictures.

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